one way love

from by ytcracker

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song about my friend tispe who was going through some shit with his girl so i made this for him


is our chemistry fizzling? are you getting distant?
because i feel like this relationship is getting like prison
im giving - everything that i possibly could or can
im trying to show you that i love you that i am a good man
the bestest ever - everytime that i lock it down and endeavor
to demonstrate that i make the mate that you want up in your corner
it seems you wanna make it harder every step of the way
say you just needing a bite but then you take the buffet

no longer reach for my hand im always fishing for yours
whenever youre fishing for compliments i will find you the words
still got these bees and the birds wrapped all up deep in your curves
butterflies up in my tummy dumbly put a crease in my nerves
but it occurs to me that i do none of the same
to the vision that you have of me and i think im to blame
so i turn up the flame double down and maintain
because as long as one of us is loving its all in the game

everything you need
i give you but dont receive back and
now im in the breeze
in the wind another victim of
one way love

i got this - cup - filled to the top with emotional potion
and every time you take a sip i notice something is broken
i cant help but notice that your focus is off
you stay a million miles away after ive broken you off
cant - put my finger on it - but somethings amiss
the way that you used to clutch my shoulders when i went in for a kiss
the way that you ran your fingers through my hair like a comb
and the way that youd sing my name when you would answer the phone

i feel alone - i cant ignore anymore
and ive confirmed my suspicions but every day im still wishing
that this phase will just pass and its back to the fast love
ignite that old school passion that we had in the past, love
but thats love - sometimes you give and you take
sometimes you bending over backwards so much that you break
i cant - be the only one forgiving mistakes
cause id rather have you give me nothing than something this fake

everything you need
i give you but dont receive back and
now im in the breeze
in the wind another victim of
one way love


from Strictly for My Streamers, released May 3, 2017
ytcracker and some other whodi i leased beat from ages ago i was in a dark place when i wrote this obviously



all rights reserved


ytcracker Colorado

i am a reincarnated collateral descendant of the silver pharaoh psusennes i, carefully reconstituted on planet earth atom by atom by alien biotechnologists with magical powers and intellectual property law degrees. bearing the codified Commandments of Spam (tattooed via nanomachines in quantum ink on the skin of my inner abdomen), i fight for deception and injustice everywhere. i like pizza. ... more

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