earthbound - adventures of the sound stone vol. 1

by ytcracker

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DanceNumber Earthbound is a sick game with sick music. YTC Adventures of the Sound Stone does great justice to the tracks while being inventive. Favorite track: home sweet home.
Ben Briggs
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Ben Briggs Baller. Baller baller baller. Baller baller baller baller baller; give this man your money. Baller.
Rebecca Greer
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Rebecca Greer A fellow space captain, YT has properly captured the sounds of science in this album once again. I listen to it on repeat on road trips, because I can. My friends don't understand half of the lyrics and neither do I, but I pretend I do. Favorite track: bazaar.
Ben Vosatka
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Ben Vosatka This collection of songs flows well with previous release, Space Mission. Favorite track: home sweet home.
Steven Impson
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Steven Impson ytcracker's best yet Favorite track: bazaar.
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released December 21, 2012

lyrics and stupid rapping by ytcracker
beats by freshley crusher/@fcrusher (1,2,3,5) and dicepticon/@beats (4,6)
originals composed by keiichi suzuki and hirokazu tanaka




ytcracker Colorado

i am a reincarnated collateral descendant of the silver pharaoh psusennes i, carefully reconstituted on planet earth atom by atom by alien biotechnologists with magical powers and intellectual property law degrees. bearing the codified Commandments of Spam (tattooed via nanomachines in quantum ink on the skin of my inner abdomen), i fight for deception and injustice everywhere. i like pizza. ... more

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Track Name: earthbound
its the nerdy moses
and im leading all my people to the top so take notice
im terrific when i spit im still the gifted precocious
little doctor of the internet give my diagnosis
game aint healthy unless im active involved
cuz a bunch of problems sit there still remaining unsolved
i must apply the full extent of my galactic education
to these problems that my nation is facing

i see fighting within clans unrealistic demands
and i see divided efforts eating holes into plans
i see a lack of focus into focusing fans
and i see i cant approach this without getting my hands
a little filthy but it aint gonna kill me
cashing in my net credit later so bill me
just gotta know that im up to the occasion
and i believe in the hell we raising

since im earth bound its a rebirth now
aint no telling what this knowledge is worth now
space mission taught a soldier how to surf now
ima show you how to put it all to work now

i had quit swallowing all of them pills
cuz the vitamins affected how i handled my feels
mightve had a little problem but i handled my wheels
and the scientists are known for their experimentiles
had success on my heels and i learned from mistakes
and i collected lots of data in the deepness of space
but some people arent as fortunate
shouldve kept that in mind when i was sporting it

and i aint got a problem reporting it
didnt lose my life or forget all the coordinates
a good leader checking up on his subordinates
leading by example with a sample accordance
showing all the pirates my collection of torrents
strutting on the game like i was leisure suit lawrence
they salute me with respect on the bridge
so i salute back to all of them kids
Track Name: choose a file
got a lanyard full of thumb drives
any shape any color i got any size
im futuristic like the starship enterprise
and im clowning on the game like im pennywise
so idolize me
go on searching through the contents
do some sifting through the nonsense
you will find a cornucopia of allocated
bytes arranged in a deranged way

make sure your shells configured properly
and dont go rummaging so sloppily
that organized chaos sitting sorted by type
took me my whole lifetime to amass so get right
double click on the icons
i see you scan the screen like a cylon
yea its attractive but try to catch your breath
because the hard part aint even begun yet

choose a file
ch ch choose a file
ch ch choose a file
choose a file i got plenty to burn
choose a file
ch ch choose a file
ch ch choose a file
choose a file man you got plenty to learn

i see you browsing those extensions looking for rars
but did i mention that good things come in small packages?
i hacked kids and put their docs in a text file
nudes of their girlfriends exported like a textile
jpegs gifs pngs
i got photoshops of taylor swift taking two knees
i got them exes
i got them secret gov certificate rijndael keys

and see those csvs?
thats a bunch of stolen data i got using havij
its so easy anyone could do it try it yourself
then you can form your own leet hacker group and rake in the wealth
powerpoints for the corporate
them nine to fivers doing all kinds of boring shit
man i salute you keep the world turning on its axis
have a couple mp3s from your favorite hackers
choose a file mang
Track Name: (i)nett
im a bard of the i nett
making songs about the land of the bitstream
aint a site i aint visited or tried yet
so that the nerds at their crib keep listening

im a professional musician
and it is my mission to keep that inspiration afloat
im like a monkey in a coat in ikea
you see me round the internet confused and in fear
because i fear i might be losing my touch
how many classic games can i sample before its too much?
hit the shift key hard like im mashing the clutch
shifting currency and fame out the game in a rush

got a cool attitude cuz my hacker dudes
coming out the cloud mad sharp like lakitus
laughing in the face of the law
cuz they cant catch us all we aint pokemon
you cant arrest an idea copy paste anons
get a clue cuz they clone like the great stefan
urkel Praise the God of Mail
Spam God keep me out of jail pretty please

im a documentarian
raconteur spitting bout them hacks on tour
follow my dreams while i follow the memes
and i follow them trends on the underground scene
put together a palatable take on the news
distill into byte size tracks to peruse
then i take a few minutes of your time
to spit a little rhyme bout whats dear on my mind

you dont have to agree, accept, or approve
i try to represent the people when im making my moves
sometimes im off the mark and youll have to excuse
but i try to keep it real for the various crews
ugnazi teampois0n i tried
to be a little mouthpiece on occupy
dg till i die keep the music gratis
put that album link up in my status ya heard
Track Name: bazaar
take a look around this hack store
its got a selection for the leets and the hax0rs
rootkits with the backdoors
polymorphic progs with the logfile captors
everybody lose the pc or mac wars
cuz a group of people chatting on them hack boards
it dont matter the color of your hat
white off white grey dark grey or black

everybody in my clique use backtrack
i cant even use half those apps
heard me say it on a dual core mixtape
POP shove it off on ollydbg off the grip tape
prepaid full charge with a fixed rate
tor onions fucking with the bit rate
splash page user pass call it phish bait
bit coins on trade for the phish mate

its a hacker bazaar
its a marketplace for star dot star
exploits vulns and cards
full dumps and accounts in arrays of chars

if a vendor dont respond
then dont be surprised if they dont respawn
find a little 0day sold dot com
on the market then database rows got bombed
maybe you just want a one word handle
on a social network to floss
so your friends get jealous when they sending a tweet
to twitter dot com slash boss

slanging rare custom scripts
with that try before you buy loaded in eclipse
selling out them packetflips
cuz them proxies in demand for them magic tricks
everything could be yours for a small fee
from the comfort of your home sipping coffee
have a couple of these dumb songs on me
but dont forget to give a dollar for a copy
Track Name: otherworldly foe
adium with the OTR
jabber on and away from the law
you inspector gadget and they the doctor claw
trying to get the penny and the brain and all
vpn on the offshore islands
and they make every effort to silence
they fear what they dont understand and they cant control
but they cant put a cork on your soul

man they make it harder to trust
they can turn a close homie into federal busts
they can flip a little switch and have em sniffing the cuts
then youre sitting in a van with your wrists in the cuffs
you can take the precautions
guarding your identity like proof of the martians
but the odds that youre getting betrayed
logarithmically increase with the passing of days

just an otherworldly foe
your life change when they kick in the door
aint nothing been the same and your faith is low
but you dont cave till the game give a fatal blow

chain as strong as the weakest link
one leak and the whole boat sink
thats why you gotta keep it anon like mr pink
or the reservoir will swallow you up in one drink
now i didnt write the rules
but the game aint changed since i was hacking my schools
i done made the same mistakes in pursuit of the truth
tried to hold the fam together like im michael bluth

instead im gob ninety thousand dollar suit
in a courtroom telling judges how they dont recruit
the proper talent to compute we just punish and dilute
all the spirit in our youth to compete global
tell our kids that whistleblowing isnt noble
unless youre snitching on a hacker - propaganda goebbels
give him life just for hacking into mobiles
and raise incarceration totals, shit
Track Name: home sweet home
let me serenade you with a simplistic dream
about a country once reigned supreme
separation of the state and church
with a right to bear arms and pursue what works
right to say what you feel and the only retribution
is another citizen can disagree aint nobody shooting
all made equal in the eyes of our creator
and the shit we dont agree with we can change it later

leaving plenty room for any enterprise
but still hold a man accountable if he can ruin many lives
visualize aint nobody passed cuz theyre wallets fat
aint nobody getting a reprieve cuz their super PAC
if a politicians crooked we can yoke him up
and we can put him on the stand till hes broken up
we the people and its bout the time weve spoken up
this my dream and i wish id live it woken up

home sweet home
this is home sweet home
home sweet home
this is home sweet home

sometimes the best kind of press is no press
cause it will scare you into thinking that the world is hopeless
theres more human beings thatd rather give you a hug
than hurt you so dont let the evil concern you
yea a few will try to scam and then burn you
but you cant let it get to your core and then turn you
not to say there isnt value in being a skeptic
as long as your perspective eclectic

dismiss the negativity pit
but dont get tunnel vision and start to close up your mind
and forget what it is that define
the condition of our species and why we havent reached the divine
need to elevate each other on this planet
keep our differences try to understand that
we gotta coexist to survive the apocalypse
so grab a fellow human and start locking lips

home sweet home
this is home sweet home
home sweet home
this is home sweet home

everytime i stargaze i wonder my place
wonder where im fitting in in this rat race
peep the man in the moon and his fat face
while im sitting on the comp in my hack base
i dont fancy my chances
i wont live to get the inside scoop all the answers
enjoy the scientific advances
while i travel round the universes vast expanses

i wont get to see the end of the planet
until my atoms get fused into granite
then the solar system blows its seed
in a million directions close to light speed
its a fate we all have in common
its a shame that we waste our entire lives bombing
each other on our little blue rock
so i guess thats why im having this talk