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i think i was high when i did this beat and was fucking with my terminal


green on black the cursor flash
cd slash
enter for a chance to win
im breaking in first push a SYN
im paul rudd - im nude tayne
im saul good(man) - im loose change
im boss boy - im bruce springs(tein)

this octothorpe on that sudo
stay thirsty for my voodoo
‘piled ADM and that w00w00
my screen shelled machine swell
chain hashes ASIC
i 10 print shit BASIC
with these 8 sticks of raised fit

random access memory (memory)
be scared of me (of me)
prepare to be wooed by the dudes sincerity
this parity in my RAID
keep data flowing unscathed
them stylesheets all in my page
keep me so lit on the stage
that wrist roll in eclipse though
smooth as i move bits breaux
you xamarin you sharp boy
see sharpness and thats art boy
fetching bytes - a black lab
your soundtrack in that hack lab
lock and load that top node
then stop and drop that opcode

i pen test invested
in zero day by my folks
break em open like yolks
scramble rot13
release that work in a zine
make install and make clean
cursor flash on black and glow green

spamming cooked thats burnt meat
sniffing hooks with burp suite
middle man and ill get em man
when they using after free
alzheimers on me
yea they losing memory
when im all up into their heap



from Strictly for My Streamers, released May 3, 2017
ytcracker and freshley crusher



all rights reserved


ytcracker Colorado

i am a reincarnated collateral descendant of the silver pharaoh psusennes i, carefully reconstituted on planet earth atom by atom by alien biotechnologists with magical powers and intellectual property law degrees. bearing the codified Commandments of Spam (tattooed via nanomachines in quantum ink on the skin of my inner abdomen), i fight for deception and injustice everywhere. i like pizza. ... more

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