pinot noir superstar

from by ytcracker

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song we did for the vpc but it seems to be a fan favorite


i aint no savage
when im up in the club im above average
gotta spend some cabbage
top scientist like dave miscavige
i dont drink whiskey
vodka beer no im not thrifty
my tastes are tad refined
sophisticated so i drink wine

see im an artist
pinky extend the farthest
when i got some wine to sip on
khaki slacks to match my clip on
tie yea im so classy
pour me another glass g
have a jager bomb man that shits nasty
yall clear a little path see

im a pinot noir superstar (superstar)
im the classiest alcoholic at the bar (at the bar)
got a ponytail and a hybrid car (hybrid car)
and a hand rolled cuban cigar (cigar)

grab my glass at the stem then swirl it
bitch we getting drunk off the merlot
gotta find a suitable pairing
pepperjack with the sauvignon blanc im so daring
im only two bottles down
and my corkscrew fiending to open another round
holler at a broad on my cell
say she coming through for some zinfandel

drinking fermented grapes
has caused a few mistakes
but omelettes need eggs to break
if i dont have wine then i cant create
so tonight i remain a trooper
in the morning rap game bradley cooper
classy rap game guy from looper
rap game drunken stupor ya heard


from Strictly for My Streamers, released May 3, 2017
ytcracker and projektzero



all rights reserved


ytcracker Colorado

i am a reincarnated collateral descendant of the silver pharaoh psusennes i, carefully reconstituted on planet earth atom by atom by alien biotechnologists with magical powers and intellectual property law degrees. bearing the codified Commandments of Spam (tattooed via nanomachines in quantum ink on the skin of my inner abdomen), i fight for deception and injustice everywhere. i like pizza. ... more

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