imprisoned by the syndicate

from by ytcracker

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my eyes - slowly rise from a shut state
clearly an open and shut case
imprisoned - by the Syndicate
microchips implanted in my wrist i get
branded mugshot scan it along with a handprint
and the biometric tracking is mandit
ory where my story begins
just another prisoner whos making amends

the cell doors open
everyone exits their cells in a uniform motion
but none of us move until the guard has spoken
cause a broken jaw aint a pleasant notion
"single file to the chow hall"
and our cold titanium stalls become walls (door shutting)
gravity shackles engage
between my thin wrists and i shift my legs

shuffle past the med ward
where the med board is hard at work with their record
sedate the inmates and make peace
so strayed seeds and crazies one day cease
to miscalibrate the state's needs
by doing just whatever they pleased
you gotta follow every law to the letter
or find yourself in prison sitting with men who refuse doing better

"a new privacy application is making waves in the news again
after another wave of arrests have brought down at least 35
people in six states related to online privacy and neutrality"

im fresh to my conclique -
a conclave of convicts who wronged this
system devoid of all conflict upon which
speaking out gets you jailed with a promptness
speech is a crime defined by the law now
incorrect speech incarcerate long now
used to be the way to the convey your freedom
now its just a way to display your demons

fuck police
beat fellow citizens up on the streets
the ones they swore to protect from elites
but now fight their battles with batons and beat
anyone who doesnt conform to the "norm"
established by the branches of a government born
from a document draft that ensured our survival
but instead it destroyed all our rights to rival

because the corrupt found a way to stop it
no one pure of soul finds their way into politics
so all this voting is represented
by representatives who were bad to begin with
then the promise of money became true
every vulture took a piece of the loot
now all the people at the bottom they got nothing to do
except watch as their world slowly fades to blue

...but it wasnt always like this


from introducing neals, released November 5, 2014
producer: dicepticon
lyrics + performance: ytcracker
skip turner: beaker sullivan



all rights reserved


ytcracker Colorado

i am a reincarnated collateral descendant of the silver pharaoh psusennes i, carefully reconstituted on planet earth atom by atom by alien biotechnologists with magical powers and intellectual property law degrees. bearing the codified Commandments of Spam (tattooed via nanomachines in quantum ink on the skin of my inner abdomen), i fight for deception and injustice everywhere. i like pizza. ... more

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