fortune or freedom

from by ytcracker

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everyone has a price
paid in fortune or freedom
every single device
a grenade for fortune or freedom

advocate of a cryptographic attack on the globe
tcp stack with no tracking put em back in the fold
two factor capture im a hacker and im cracking the code
got a phone tap on the jackers and im black and im gold
cuz im a saint val kilmer im saving the heathens
when the people ask why privacy matters i give em reasons
and treasons an offense ill gladly defend
fighting for my rights until im meeting my end

never bend nor break already made that mistake once
gave up on the science out of fear of my greatness
returned with a passion craving the old action
had to stir the pot in an elegant fashion
had to make an app just to be the last bastion
a beacon of freedom keeping the game even
i can live with nightmares every time that im sleeping
as long as i dont live in one awake im achieving

everyone has a price
paid in fortune or freedom
every single device
a grenade for fortune or freedom

snitches whistleblowing protecting the wrong side
cutting deals with agents and saving their own hide
short sightedness corrupting the fight in a samurai
but i gotta keep it moving keep an eye on the prize
i devised this mesh of devices to process
every bit of traffic that is keeping us cautious
cause the hackers creed is keeping the data free
from people who would seek to use our methods for evil

so i turned the tables by taking their own tools
taking back initiative breaking their old rules
by making all the gadgets that we bought with our pooled
resources into weapons that we turn on the cruel
policitians and the oligarchs who seek to control
by monitoring everything and charging a toll
so now the whole world spraying up their data like a printer jet
empowering the people with alternative internet


from introducing neals, released November 5, 2014
producer: amplitude problem w/ string operation (guitar)
lyrics: ytcracker
performance: ytcracker w/ evolucian music



all rights reserved


ytcracker Colorado

i am a reincarnated collateral descendant of the silver pharaoh psusennes i, carefully reconstituted on planet earth atom by atom by alien biotechnologists with magical powers and intellectual property law degrees. bearing the codified Commandments of Spam (tattooed via nanomachines in quantum ink on the skin of my inner abdomen), i fight for deception and injustice everywhere. i like pizza. ... more

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